Beginner's Guide To E-Liquids


E-liquid is a core component of a vaping device. This is basically is a flavored product that is heated and inhaled by the smoker using an electronic cigarette / vaping device. Most of the e-liquids available are made of similar ingredients but render different flavors. E Liquids are made up from flavorings, nicotine and Propylene Glycol(PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).  Whether you are a beginner or have been vaping since quite some time, you may have questions about e-liquids. This FAQ is an attempt to answer those questions. If you think that the FAQ hasn't covered your question, you can mail us your concern for quicker resolution.

What Is E-Liquid?

E-liquid is a flavored solution of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) containing optional nicotine amounts, and food-grade flavorings. The solution vaporizes when heated and then produces flavor and throat hit when inhaled to simulate smoking.

Tell Me The Difference Between Tobacco and Nicotine:

Both Nicotine and tobacco are separate ingredients. Tobacco, used in traditional cigarettes is dried leaves that contain nicotine naturally. Nicotine, on other hand is a liquid that may be extracted from many different sources and then added into a PG/VG base along with flavorings. Sometime, tomatoes contain small amounts of nicotine.

What do the numbers or % in Nicotine e Liquid (e.g. 0 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg) mean?

The numbers on the labels of e liquid with nicotine represents the concentration, or strength, of nicotine in the e-liquid. It is measured in milligrams of nicotine per millilitre of e-liquid (mg/ml) and often shortened to mg. The strength can also be expressed as a percentage of nicotine by mass, e.g. 12 mg/ml can be expressed as 1.2% nicotine. A 10 ml bottle with a nicotine concentration of 12 mg/ml will therefore contain a total of 120 mg of nicotine (10 ml x 12 mg/ml). If one ml of e-liquid is equal to about 20 drops, then there is about 0.6 mg of nicotine in each drop (12 mg/ml ÷ 20 drops). So, if you load 10 drops of e-liquid in your e-cigarette, you should be consuming about 6 mg of nicotine (0.6 mg/drop x 10 drops) if you vape away those 10 drops.

What if I get e-liquid on my hands/clothes?

E-liquids available at Love Lites are water soluble and easily washes off your hands and clothes. If you rub your eye after handling e-liquid, we suggest you flush it thoroughly with cool water. Make sure that e-liquid containers are stored away from children and pets.

How is nicotine measured in e-liquid?

Nicotine is measured in milligrams (mg) per milliliter (mL). Compared to mg per cigarette, you will take in much less nicotine while vaping but still feel satisfied.

How long will a bottle of e-Liquid lasts?

That really depends on how long you vape and the quantity e-liquid consumed. A bottle of standard 10ml e-liquid is designed to be the equivalent of several cigarettes.

What is the best flavor?

There are variety of flavors available and which one is best depends on your choice. When you choose e-liquid from Love Lites, you have an opportunity to choose from well over 100 flavors offering quality e liquid. All you have to do sort out which of the tobacco, coffee, sweet, fruity, minty or indeed any of the e liquid flavors that you love trying first.

What are the ingredients used in e-liquids sold at Lovelites:

Propylene Glycol (PG): A clear, colorless and slightly syrupy liquid ingredient at room temperature. PG is safe for human consumption and can be found in numerous food products. This is used to help deliver the nicotine when vapor is inhaled. This is a petroleum by-product that has odor or color, and is less viscous than VG. It is used to provide a ‘throat hit’ similar to the sensation experienced when smoking tobacco. It carries more effective flavor than VG.
Vegetable Glycerin (VG):This is made from vegetable oils. The VG is mixed with water and then heated to a high pressure and temperature. It dissolves from fatty acid and is then absorbed by the water. This ingredient can be found in pharmaceutical, medial and personal care products. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin and a natural chemical, derived from vegetable oil. It is commonly used in e-liquid to give a ‘thick’ sensation to vapor. VG has a slightly sweet taste and is considerably thicker than PG.
Nicotine: e-liquids are available in myriad nicotine strengths including 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg and 24mg.

How much nicotine do I want?

How much nicotine you want depends on the throat hit you seek while inhaling. If you're vaping too high, your throat will be irritated or you will cough. If you're directly inhaling, even 0mg will make you cough.
Roughly, we can guess at a strength based on the cigarettes you smoke. For an ultra light smoker, 6mg is usually comfortable. If you smoke full flavor, 18mg is generally just right. But this formula does not always hold true. That's why is best to try the different nicotine levels before buying e-liquids.

Is E Liquid Safe?

If handled properly and as per manufacturer instructions there is no reason to believe that E Liquids aren't entirely safe. While no-one can claim (yet) that e liquids and e cigarettes are healthier than tobacco smoking because no authorized study has proven this either way it is safe to assume that the less tobacco, nicotine and chemicals you are exposed to the better off you are. Seeing as e liquids do not contain or produce carbon monoxide, tar or a number of other chemicals you can see why many prefer them.

What does 60 pg and 40 VG mean?

Noticeably larger vapor clouds and a reduce throat hit. 30/70 (PG/VG): Good vapor production and a minimal throat hit. 20/80 (PG/VG): Excellent vapor production and a very small throat hit. 100% VG: Very little throat hit, with noticeably sweet flavor undertones and massive vapor production.

How Much Nicotine Is In Cigarette:

The level of nicotine in cigarettes may be anywhere from 8 mg to 20 mg of nicotine. Most cigarettes puts the average amount on nicotine in one cigarette at 12-13 mg. Notably, the total amount of nicotine in a cigarette may vary.