Switch To Vaping

  • Negligible Cancer

    Significantly cut the amount of deadly cancer causing substances inhaled during regular smoke.

    Prone to Severe Cancer

    Contains over 400 toxic chemicals and 43 carcinogenic compounds known for causing cancer.

  • No More Smoke or Smelly Ash Trays

    No messy surroundings filled with Smoke and dust.

    Produces Hazardous Smoke

    Produces stinking smoke and leaves you with messy cigarette butts.

  • Does not Produce
    Tar Produces

    Doesn't contain toxic tobacco ingredients, so no tar or other harmful byproducts


    Contain hazardous toxic tobacco ingredients, that eventually creates tar congestion in lung

  • Nearly

    Does not create a smelly, lingering smoke odour in your house, car, or on your clothes.

    Create Staunch

    Leaves a stinky smell sticks around fingers, body and breathe after a smoke.

  • No second-hand

    Electronic cigarettes are risk-free for your family and friends around you as it leaves vapors filled with flavor of your choice.

    Equally Harmful
    To Pals

    Besides the smoker, regular cigarettes pose a serious health risk to his friends, family and neighborhood.

  • Multiple

    Choice of having over 100 flavors including Banana, strawberry and Chocolate etc.

    Only Tobacco

    Comes in only tobacco flavor. No other choices available.

  • Cheaper Than
    Regular Cigarettes

    A single e-cigarette cartridge contains the same amount of nicotine as around 20 cigarettes


    Cost of two packs of regular cigarettes equals to five-packs of cartridges

  • Can Be

    Electronic cigarettes don’t produce toxic cigarette butts and can be recycled

    Can’t be

    Cigarette butts, dust and ashes drain down to sinks that causes health hazards

  • Socially

    Not covered by the smoking ban so can be used in most public places, both indoors and outdoors

    Banned in
    Public Place

    Regular cigarettes are banned on public places. Flouting rule could invite legal trouble

  • Controlled

    Choice to control nicotine strength that suits your crave

    Can’t Control
    Nicotine Intake

    Can’t regulate how much nicotine strength you want to inhale


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