To make gifting easier than ever, give the gift of choice with our gift cards.

Where can I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased at our online store from the main Menu. You may pick one of the suggested denominations(minimum of Rs. 3000 or USD 38 and maximum of Rs. 20,000 or USD 252)

    Are there any charges associated with purchasing a 5 Elements gift card?

    Apart from the amount of the gift, there are no fees or charges associated with purchasing a 5 Elements gift card.

    Where can gift cards be redeemed?

    Gift cards can be redeemed online at on the checkout page. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards or be redeemed for cash or credit.

    To use your gift card for an online purchase, enter the gift card number in the box given on the right side of the shipping page and click on Apply. Then make any balance payment online via credit/debit card or netbanking.

    When does the gift card expire?

    Gift cards will expire after 1 year from the date of issue and any corresponding unused balance shall be forfeited thereafter. Please note that validity of gift cards cannot be extended and new gift cards cannot be provided against the expired/unused gift cards.

    Do I need to provide my details when I purchase a gift card?

    Yes, gift cards are a Prepaid Instrument subjected to regulations by Reserve Bank of India. 5 Elements will be legally required to share the details of the purchase of the gift cards and transaction undertaken using the gift card.
    As an issuer of the gift card, we are also required to share the Know Your Customer (KYC) details of the purchaser / redeemer of the gift cards with RBI or such statutory authorities, as per guidelines issued from time to time. If you have purchased a gift card from us, we may contact you in this regard.

    What if I lose my gift card?

    Your gift card number is unique and confidential, and you are solely responsible for its safety. If you have misplaced your gift card, please write to our customer care team at or Call/Whatsapp us at + 91 9990482168 Monday to Saturday, between 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM IST.

    In the event of any misuse of your card due to loss of such confidential details, 5 Elements will unfortunately be unable to provide a refund against the amount lost.

    Can I get a refund on my gift card?

    A Gift card once purchased cannot be cancelled and no refund is applicable.

    • A Gift Card purchased in INR cannot be converted to USD and vice versa.

    In case of any query, contact us at Email:, Customer support no. +91-9990482168.