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Two words and a million emotions. A bond that is eternal, everlasting and captures the essence of everlasting relationships, but mostly of selfless togetherness.

Just like Lalita, Radha’s ‘Priya Sakhi’, our newest collection will become a close part of your heart.

A bond so pure that we couldn’t have separated the names and therefore RADHALITA was born. A tribute to a mother’s love so pure and eternal, that gave light to a new life made with hardwork and perseverance.... Radha is within Lalita and Lalita is within Radha, the two insepearpble in all aspects of life.

Every piece of the collection is a symbol of traditional craftsmanship that’s is rooted in our age old culture. Giving a reminiscence of our classic embroidery and crafts embedded in the rich workmanship heritage, every piece draws inspiration from our herilooms and exhibits a dash of the opulent spirit too.

RADHALITA is a curation for the women of today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Celebrity Style

Radhika Gupta,

Design Head & Chief Creative Officer

Radhika grew up surrounded by exquisite artisanal handicrafts and apparel. She always knew her calling lay in the field of art and design. A series of juttis she designed were picked up by leading brands across the country. Inspired, she dived right in. 5 Elements is her expression of love for all things heritage. She uses timeless Indian techniques to create designs that are contemporary and unique in apparel, footwear and accessories.

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