Radhika Gupta from the company 5 Elements has been a fashion accessory designer for the last may be 6-7 years, I know she has done more than 10 events with us and I have seen her growth right from when has started as a newcomer and how the brand has been built-up. The reason she has been there for season after season year after year is because there has been customers in good demand for that, I believe her next launch is just about jutti's and bags fantastic part of fashion accessory a full gamete of the things that people do and I wish her all the success and hope that 5 Elements who is a FDCI designs does extremely well in and lots of sales and lots of order bookings either on e-commerce or wherever she exhibits. Thank you


At the symposium Radhika was one of the most popular brands and I had everyone coming back and asking for more and saying Radhika did amazing bags amazing handwork and her work is real luxury. I'm so proud of having her with us at luxury symposium.


I'm a big fan of Radhika Gupta and I've been wearing all of her stuff including her juttis, her boho bags which are I'm using a lot and jewellery. She is very talented and I really like her esthetics, it’s very global yet very contemporary Indian and I'm sure this website will be a Big, Big, Big hit.